When Deleted in MySql, also deleted in google sheets

I’m seeking assistance with a functionality where deleting an item should remove it from both PHPMyAdmin and Google Sheets. Despite watching tutorials and seeking help on forums like Kodular, I haven’t found a solution yet. I’d greatly appreciate any help.

The blocks

The runtime error result:

The spreadsheets look like

You are sending a Post and Get request at the same time, which does not make sense

Akso phpmyadmin is a tool to manage a database like MySQL, see also phpMyAdmin - Wikipedia

You probably are talking about keeping in sync a MySQL database and a Google Spreadsheet… but then we have to ask, wky are you doing that? Why not only using either a MySQL database or a Google Spreadsheet?


I have both MySQL and Google Sheets as databases as requested by our professor. Google Sheets are for exporting certain child data and the MySQL is for accounts and also with the child data. Is it possible to sync the MySQL and Google Sheets?

So the MySQL database is the master database and the Google Spreadsheet is only a copy of these child data?

Download the data from MySQL to your app (Select statement), and upload the data (i.e.overwrite the old data) in your Google spreadsheet


I would want MySQL and Google sheets to be in sync. Is it possible that whenever I deleted an item in MySQL it will also be deleted in the google sheets? How can i download my MySQL to my app?

One possibility is to send a delete query to both

MySQL is a database, which may contain several tables… how many tables do you have?
To download the database, for each table send a sekect statement to the database


I have two tables only

I already have a delete query in MySQL it’s all good but the problem is with the google sheets. I applied all the tutorials I watch for the google sheets to be in sync with it but still stuck with the UPDATE and DELETE query…