When I add firebase authentication to my app It's not oppening after exporting. Using Firemessaging Extension

Hello dears. I have the blocks as you see in the pic I have attached and What I am trying to do is to send pus notification to my app users using FireMessaging extension with firebase cloud messaging service. I have done everything correct and my notification works well with the extension firemessaging but the problme is firebase authentication, When I add Firebase authentication My notification works when i send it from firebase cloud messaging but the app is not oppening in mobile after installation and its keeping closing. But in case if I remove the firebase authentication then the app is working its opening and running well but notification is not working without firebase authentication. Please tell me the right way and the right solution what is the solution please. Its a big issue. thanks in advance.

It seems you are using an Old extension from Atom developer.


how to get this extension please?