When i click on back button it show a error

i am trying to use EV3 UI but it doesn’t work for me .
Here is my code - blocks (2)
i am not understanding it shows me a error
please help me

thanks in advance
kodular team

Also don’t post in the #feedback:bugs until its confirmed as a bug…Please change the category as #discuss

it is one of the component of kodular in lego mindstrom

Oops :sweat_smile:

I realized now…Can you please post a screenshot of the error occurring so we can help you better?

Also did you set the Bluetooth client property?It should bet to a Bluetooth client component…

it shows error 3103 illegal argument: fill screen

i have already do this

sorry i have mistakenly say a lie to you.
i dont’t know how to set property of bluetooth client

I changed category to #discuss this is not a bug

okay but please give a solution of this error

Add bluetooth client component from connectivity category…Then,find bluetooth client property in the designer in the lego properties and click on it…It will display a drop down for you with the available bluetooth client components find the name of your bluetooth client component which you dragged into the screen before…And then choose it…Now test your app again.

Or try to set it from the blocks like that:
blocks (82)

i have already do this but nothing is happened

Same error?

i think i have to change some property of bluetooth client

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i can provide you my aia file

You need to connect with the bluetooth client to your lego mind storms…Like this:blocks (83)
blocks (84)

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can you please give this aia file

thanks for your help