When i copy a screen from my project then kodular give me error

I checked out Bugs in Kodular Eagle before creating a new topic

when i copy a screen from my project then kodular give me error, screen doesnt copy, and my apk doesnt compile. a screen added to project but it doesnt work. i didnt remove this screen,

pls help me. my apk doesnt work now. i will wait your answer as soon as possible

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First thing is there is to much screens in your app you can mae one screen works as more by showing and hiding multiple vertical arrangement

Second error in screen name WebViewer3 because its same name is you drag three webviever thats why it replaces all screen properties. Always name something different from actual components name

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Now for removing screen you have to export aia and then remove it


worked for me. thanks

Can you mark the appropriate reply as solution? or let us know what worked for you


He’s solution is just removing screen which he can’t delete.


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