When I open and close windows several times, the App crashed

I have had problems when using the App. And when I open a screen and close it, and I do this three or four times, the application is chased and the application screen goes blank, with a constant message that the application was closed.


Iam sure for 100% that you dont switch screens correct.

Search “How to switch screens correct”


I get it. Then the Spash Scren, among others, remain open after opening another screen. I would appreciate a small .aia where I can observe how it works. At the moment I did not crasheo for being light, but my project generally that I have been working for weeks has that problem.

Test.aia (2.4 KB)

Edit - so leaving the Spash open after it goes to another window causes the Menu Window to open several times, because the Spash has a clock to change the window to the Menu.

I would appreciate a .aia with some practice. Regards!.

Have you searched for what @Mika told you?
If you would have done that, then this :point_down: was the first result

And the blocks there are self explanatory so no need of aia.


Sorry. I just did not find out how to create this block.



Well, I had a thorough review of Screen’s optimization and I think I’ll have to optimize my App. Thanks for everything

Same issue faced in my app…I have run my app in my device before kodular eagle update and application run properly but when kodular eagle come I did import my old project and export again . But there was create a new issue. I don’t know where is mistake.my project screen run like… when screen 1 insialized open home screen … home screen open perfectly and when user go manu screen … screen open but 1or 2sec later application automatically close… without any error notice…

My block system.

When bottom click… if true… then: screen close
Open another screen …

My project name : Codashop.aia