When I open and close windows several times, the App crashed

(Marlon Rodríguez) #1

I have had problems when using the App. And when I open a screen and close it, and I do this three or four times, the application is chased and the application screen goes blank, with a constant message that the application was closed.


Iam sure for 100% that you dont switch screens correct.

Search “How to switch screens correct”

(Marlon Rodríguez) #3

I get it. Then the Spash Scren, among others, remain open after opening another screen. I would appreciate a small .aia where I can observe how it works. At the moment I did not crasheo for being light, but my project generally that I have been working for weeks has that problem.

Test.aia (2.4 KB)

Edit - so leaving the Spash open after it goes to another window causes the Menu Window to open several times, because the Spash has a clock to change the window to the Menu.

I would appreciate a .aia with some practice. Regards!.


Have you searched for what @Mika told you?
If you would have done that, then this :point_down: was the first result

And the blocks there are self explanatory so no need of aia.

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Sorry. I just did not find out how to create this block.

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Well, I had a thorough review of Screen’s optimization and I think I’ll have to optimize my App. Thanks for everything