When importing project from MIT, reverse block causes "The blocks for screen ... did not load properly"?

Hello, fiends!

Perhaps one of you will have a similar case, but it will most likely be …
I transferred the App Inventor project to Kodular and a similar message came out …


when importing, some procedures could not be imported and there was a dump in one place, i.e. a bunch of blocks …

In general, the problem was that I used the “reverse” function from the “Text” blocks in App Inventor, but it was not in Kodular.


I deleted this block before in App Inventor, everything was resolved.

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@Kodular something to take a look at

@Darkhan_Dogalakov You should post in related thread next time, Thanks btw…

@Conor Have you merged it for next update?

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The reverse text block will be available in the next update.


Will the next update be soon?

Hopefully I can import my project from AB, without losing blocks.