When Kodular Store will be available?

When Kodular Store will be available, no kodular have a great updates !

My estimation. Never. Why? Because I was assuming it’d be back after 3 months, or with the new update, and that turned out to not be true.

aha ! i wish that this gonna be working in the near future !

Fixed :sunglasses:


Access in a different device due to DNS propagation if you don’t like to wait (which seems so :wink:)

I will integrate Kodular Auth in the next hours so it becomes totally usable


It’s not fixed if I can’t use it. Which I can’t, because I can’t signin, but that’ll be in a (few) hours.

It’s working now !!! what a guy !


Kodular Extensions IDE should be now fully working again, using Kodular Auth


Kodular Store Not Working

Wait, it might just be a configuration missing.

@Diego ide.kodular.io is showing your username on my account, package io.makeroid.diego_barreiro_perez.DynamicLabel;

Yeah, saw it now :sweat:
Disabled until I find the solution

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