When Kodular Update API Android Latest Version ( Version 33)

Dear All,
Currently when you upload your APP to google Play, app must compile with minimum API version is 31. but in kodular maxium API is 29 (android 10),
when kodular update API?

how to change API with android studio?
thank you.

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I think we must be a little bit more patient, until App Inventor updates their builder to target sdk 31, then kodular will update also.

we will lose our regular customers due to this patience


Use this tool

but kodular staff can program API 31 by theirself.

nobody knows when they will

This App is Very much helping easily… first of all you have to buy license of ₹100 and then you can export apps with api 31. My app contains firebase authentication which also works fine and converted to api 31…
thanks nikzdevz

I am sorry for the ads i’ll decrease ads in play store version.
And for

Can you please let me know your gmail using which you have logged in to devzstore?