When load leadbolt ads. Then show runtime error

i check blocks when i click button 1 for load add then show error

there error:

please help to show leadbolt ads my app is on playstore and leadbolt also aprroved my app

This is considered bad behaviour and could mean suspension. :sunglasses:
I am good at giving suspensions.


Sorry For That Give me Last chance

Those are all your blocks?

Have you configured them properly in the design screen?

I try it on new simple screen but it show. Same error please you can try it on your project and you find this error you can check it please If your project fixed then please share with us screenshot of that.

Do you use this method to change the screen, if not do that first


You did not answer the question . Have you configured everything properly in the Designer window

I designed very simple I have only 2 button
1 for network add
2nd for reward add
And 1 leadbolt component
Only 3 component on screen
but get the same error

This is the THIRD time I have asked you.

This Is the designer window

Click leadbolt1 and show me again

Get this leadbolt1 clicked

You are not waiting for it to be ready.

Do you get this error as apk or live


I get this error on live and also on apk
But i don’t have an
When leadbolt1 ad Cached block
See blocks image:

Sorry Maybe Component problem

Ok that was an old version.

These are the blocks you need to use

Check if things are ready before you deliver

i also use these blocks but same issue runtime error can you please make a project and test it your ads are display or not

Don’t have time for it and I don’t have any ads accounts


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before you implement ads you should make a app which have a use not only two buttons. what do you want to create a earning app?
You hae has nothing only 2 buttons mmake a design ake a useage and dont start with ads.
Leadboldt will stops your ads also like admob. They proof also what your app do.

No I don’t create like earning app I create only simple game and this image that show only 2 button is only for kodular community but I use all suggestions to my real game app and it have very beautiful designed like games but the same issue is coming.