When q/a once asked dont ask again after opening 2nd time

when q/a once asked dont ask again after opening 2nd time the app
pls help

What You mean ?

Record information that identifies that something has already happened at the local database.

Whats happening?

Firstly -
Don’t Tag a User in your Post.

MT is very Helpful he will Definitely Help you.

Secondly -
i have seen your Reply in a Topic (Don’t Remember Exactly Which One), in which you Shared how to use TinyDB to show things Only One Time.

So Most Probably

you Know it.

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I think a similar one:

i dint get it at all
wat i am trying to say is that
i download an app and it asks me some questions . suppose it asks me u are right hand user or left hand . i do right hand . then 2nd time i open the app it shall not ask me are u right hand or left hand user questions .
thanks in advance for help :pray:

I did it in a similar way to remove Letters from Alphabet after it was selected. (That is why there is a label named “LetterOutput”)

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When asking the question for the first time store the answer in tinyDB so whenever the screen initializes it should check whether the value is empty or no, this way you can use this data too if you require it anytime.

And if you are using online database you could do the same thing.

I already said that in the first post