When Screen1 .Side Menu Closed

“Event will be invoked if the side menu was closed”.

Unfortunately, it gives the impression that this block is executed even if the side menu has never been closed, as it has always been closed since the app started. I do not like that.
I have a process that generates the colors, and of course this process starts very early on Screen1.initialize. But unfortunately the block “when Screen1.Side Menu Closed” is executed before that and can therefore not yet handle the customized colors (cannot handle an empty string).

I do not understand why the event is invoked even if the side menu never was closed (which implies that it must have been open once)

It is just a note, that newbies can be very irritated.

You can put an if condition in the side menu closed block that ignores the first execution.

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Yes, but I made an easier way. I just added color blocks (e.g. white) to the color variables instead of using empty string until the colors are set up to customized colors.

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