When title Bar is visible Webviewer is unusable

Hi friend,
I would like to report a potential anomaly that I encountered:
I created a simple app with a Webviewer with a web address.
When the application is started, the content of the web page is shown in full screen.
Everything works correctly only if “Title visible” is checked in the “Screen” settings
If this check is removed, the web page is only partially shown at the bottom of the screen.
Has this happened to anyone before?
Thanks in advance

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After the update WebView suffered a bug, and they are already aware of it. Probably by the end of the month there will be another update to fix this and other things.

Kodular Fenix Bug Tracker - Feedback / Bugs - Kodular Community

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Hi Victor,
I am happy that this problem is known
I will wait anxiously for this small flaw to be fixed by the software engineers
thanks again and good luck to all

Paolo, thank you, its worked :+1:

i tryed to do it, but in deed , that woks only if switched on landscape mode :frowning:

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