Where do files go?

With Android 11 Google has screwed up the file system bigly.

Each app used to have its own Application Specific Directory (ASD) that was in globally read/write memory. You could freely backup, restore, edit that file as needed using FTP or a different app – no more. I found a File Manager that allows me to access the ASD. That’s half a victory.

In Kodular how do you write to the ASD directory. On my phone it is something like storage/emulated/0/Android/data/pack.age.name/files

For example, for an sqlite database, if I use //name.sqlite, Kodular looks for it in Assets packaged with the apk file. If I use just name.sqlite Kodular, I think, puts it in the app’ s private directory which is who-knows-where and hidden. Is there a way to specify the ASD directory that I show above?


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Hi @Barry,

The folders were hidden by Google for privacy reasons. You can find them by using the system “Files” application, not the file application provided to you by your OEM, but provided by Google themselves.


:octopus: Nathan

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It works great – even on my Android 11 phone.

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