Where do I intercept and how do I prevent this error from showing

Hi All

I get this error

The fact that I get it, doesnt particularly concern me as sometimes therte is NO DATA to be read back and that is out of my control.

The question is where do I catch the error to display a NO RECORD notification

This is what generates the error…

and hen his…


and this is what Ive tried… to no avail

Any ideas, anyone?


Check your Response Content in Web Got event.


Thanks. I just discovered an error (that wasn’t there yesterday, I swear) in the php???

Im really not cut out for his programming stuff. :slight_smile: I can sit for a week on a problem! No Joke

you might want to replace the list from csv row block by a list from csv table block
as the error message is trying to tell you… “csv text has multiple rows”…


You need to be clearer in your sentences …

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