Where does our money go?

First of all, I apologize for the written English as I am Italian and I use a translator.
I wonder where does our money go?
We all know that some time ago we were almost forced by Kodular to start paying to be able to make the most of the program.
I was among the first to upgrade to premium and start paying in hopes that those who receive our money would have engaged in the improvements and troubleshooting…but that hasn’t happened to date.
Push Notification (OneSignal) : it didn’t work before paying and it still doesn’t work now that we pay;
Bug Color : the color change problem existed before paying and continues to exist now that we pay:
Updates and Improvements: We are all paying but no updates have been seen to date and no improvements have been applied.
Payments: This month I have been charged twice for my payment. I wrote to Kodular replying directly to the payment email but no one showed up…so this month it cost twice as much.
So guys…Where is our money going???


Your question is genuine and should be answered by any means.