Where I host my extensions

Just in case anybody missed that, I host all my extensions in a GitHub repository. It currently contains the following extensions

  • DistanceTools
    • To calculate distance between two points using various formulas
  • I18n
    • For easier localization using a JSON file
  • MathTools
    • Provides various conversion methods and constants
  • WolframAlpha
    • Connects to the Wolfram|Alpha API
  • AnyAPI
    • A modified version of the web component with the url splitted in multiple parts
  • Weather Underground
    • Connects to the Weather Underground API

Coming soon

  • Polldaddy

@admins can you integrate these extensions if @Red_Panda gives you permission, opening a specific Education category?

These can be useful.

Please be patient, we’ll be going to have many components gradually in the future.


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