Where is in-app billing in new update?

I can no longer see it in monetization category. Is it removed? Also, the in-app billing extension that I was using (Pavitra’s in-app billing) has stopped working after the latest Kodular update (1.4C). The purchases are getting done however after purchase and is.subscribed? blocks have stopped working. Please help!

Try the search bar above components palette

I already did it and its not showing up in the results. Also, first time booting up after the update, there was an error message stating the library for billing has been downgraded to 1

Remove the extension and the component should reappear in the palette. You can’t use both as the internal class names conflict.

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Thanks @Conor got the help however my issue still persists. The user (in this case, me) is able to subscribe to my subscription, the subscription is bought and it says the subscription successful but the features fail to update that depends on in-app subscription.

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Does in-app purchases work? can you send the blocks if it works? More than 1 was not purchased.