Where is the Label component?

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label are not showing my screen !!!
why ?

Can you post a screenshot of what it looks like for you?

Have you tried on Incognito?

no no i has not tried on secret (Incognito)

And is still happening?

yes . this time all ready not showing label

Are you using any Chrome Extension or App?

yes im useing Chrome braswer with hide popup & ad blocker Extension

Mmm, can you try removing hide popup and AdBlocker?

If not, try using other browser and post result

In my opinion, Firefox is best for Makeroid.

Try using Firefox. Hope that problem will be solved.

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in the Firefox also not showing label for me

Can you check in a new project as well?


new project me label show kr rha hai .
kya problom ho skati us project me ?

Kuchh corrupt hai shayad… Try this:

  • Export AIA
  • Delete Project
  • Import AIA

Might work.

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ok thanks kr ke dekhata hu