'Where is the train going?'

Hello everyone
As far as possible, could you tell us how is the Makeroid project in the present?
I refer to advances in the creation of the company, possible final date of the launch, … general progress.
We are all eager to use Makeroid again, there are many people who visit the community forum.
Thanks for your cooperation

  1. Makeroid is a company registered in the Netherlands :netherlands:
    You have the company number on the footer of our website

  2. We hope to announce the launch date by May, but we don’t know as we aren’t sure as we don’t know how much time will take to implement some stuff

  3. General Progress
    I think @ProKoders can post some testimonials of what have they tested by now :wink:


The train goes to the right destination.
Many things are done.

Please be patient.


Thank you for your comment, I understand your situation but you should also understand ours. For some of us this is more than a hobby and we have outstanding apps to finish. We would just like to be informed, we need to know that the train is underway and that sooner or later it will arrive at its destination. Now that I know the situation, I can be patient and offer my help as necessary. Thanks again for the information


Well, the train is moving, but we don’t know when it is going to arrive. It will be before the end of June

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