Where to create extension

can anyone please tell me where to create appinverter extensions.

You can get detailed guide from setting up your development environment to making extensions on this youtube channel :


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I see you already created one Build failed error so can you explain what you mean with “where to create appinverter extensions.”?

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I mean where to create extension with coding

Before creating extensions, you need to set up your environment. So for that install :

Java 8 : 4-Setting Up Environment - Installing Java 8 | Extension Development Course - YouTube

Git & Ant : 5-Setting Up Environment - Installing Apache Ant | Extension Development Course - YouTube

Install Rush : How to install RUSH CLI using Powershell, Git Bash | Shreyash Saitwal | Extension Development - YouTube

Now go ahead and create your first extension : How to create a Card View Extension | Kodular, AppInventor | Using Rush - YouTube

Thank you i have already installed java17,Git & Ant
now i am installing rush.

Thank you for helping me
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You can’t use java 17. You need to use java 8 otherwise extensions won’t compile.

Ok thank you once more i will install java 8 now

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No you can use any version of JDK to make extensions. Apache ant changes the target Java version to 7. @BNJ_nds has created an extension sometime ago here with Java 17 as said above. So I think, it is fine to use any version of JDK to make extensions. However Java 8 is recommended. But if you use rush then Java 8 is required.


It’s not necessary to use java 17 but the issue is that there may be some features that you are using in your extension that are not available in java 8, then you will get errors. As android itself uses java 8. So always better to use java 8 to stay away from further difficuties.

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Not completely. Android was built on the top of Java 6.
But now Android supports most of Java 7 APIs since Android Lollipop, a little of Java 8 since Android Oreo and barely 1-2 APIs of Java 9 since Android 10.


Oreo maybe :sweat_smile:


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