Which browser is better for Builder Makeroid? | Poll |

What do you think that which one is best for Builder Makeroid

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Opera

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Also give your important feedback for why you choose this one.

Not a good question. Builder should be compatible for all browsers.


No bro .
I switched crome to Firefox and is works fine.

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I would like an “other” option. I use Edge or Chrome Dev on my tablet for using Makeroid. (I’ve switched more to Edge; it’s better than Chrome).


I actually used the builder with edge and explorer, opera, chrome, firefox, puffin and even (by accident) the tor browser and the only one who gave me problems was opera


Makeroid builder is optimized to work best on Chrome.

But it is also supported on other browsers, but there may be issues on others. For example we have 2 major problems on Firefox:

  1. Project listing card bug on the home screen
  2. Device viewer area alignment bug.

I think it’s a firefox bug because it occure just sometimes

It’s a bug from Makeroid as it’s not optimized for that browser and all browsers use different stuff.

Thought was a firefox bug since it works even on tor browser

Also you scroll slow on blocks but, on Chrome when you scroll, its fine.

Edge is best. :sunglasses:

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Closing this topic. This is a none discussion just like which petrol is best or which car is best. Multiple browsers can be used. Choose the one that you like the most. When it doesn’t work choose another one.