Which data does Kodular collect from app users?

Hi, I have received the same message. I think that this is for the use of ads. But I am not sure
@Diego, can you help us? In this case, probably, we have to check yes, but i do not know the following options, how the data are sent? Is the user data your application collects encrypted in transit?

May be, a guide can be welcome. Is anyone voluntary?

It is not just for ads. There are different type collected from apps by publishers list is available on Play Developer website. Provide information for Google Play's Data safety section - Play Console Help
But, most commonly in our cases, ads components adds location permission in manifest file. If you check play store more than 95% apps that are serving ads does not require location data.
I don’t know why are we adding location permission in our apps for serving ads.
I hope they remove location permission from ads components and with this, most of the developer will be okay with ‘No Data Collected’ Settings.

I hope so. Let’s see if @Diego can tell us something soon. the deadline to complete the data is soon.

I received an email from Google Play about a new form to fill. Everyone should will have to fill it. It is about the “Data safety” of the information collected by our apps.
My app doesn’t collect any personal data, but I’m wondering if Onesignal collects any personal data from the user (e.g user device id etc). Does someone know about this?

still wait responce from kodular one of my friend marked no and rejected by google
if we marked yes what we have to do in next steps please kodular team help us

I got the same mail. - > Today…

i think the location data collection is the issue please kodular team respond

any one who using admanger marked no and got approved

Are you fixed this issue?
please comment, if solved

I think the Kodular staff has a solution/answer.


I also got the same email. I want to delete the permission (ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION) with Apk Editor Studio and it outputs it as Apk. I think google play will now ask for “aab”. Also, when the permission is deleted, the ad or whatever using it can cause problems.

I am one of those waiting for help.

R u using onesignal component ?
I think this issue (permission (ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION) ) fond due to onesignal component.

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without onesignal component app approved.

You marked no?

yes I am using onesignal. I guess I’ll have to remove it.

Are you using ads component?

If we remove one signal it not need that permission i think

For some users asking about the Data Safety. I just found that we have to click “Yes” if we use Admanager / Admob or some ad networks. You can check their data disclosure page to see which / what type of data they collect and the reason they collect.

The data that admanager collects and the purpose of the data.

Note : This counts as data collection and we need to select Yes and complete further steps.


AdManager SDK : Prepare for Google Play's data disclosure requirements  |  Mobile Ads SDK for Android  |  Google Developers

Admob SDK : Prepare for Google Play's data disclosure requirements  |  Android  |  Google Developers

Google group discussing about the same topic which is answered by staffs/volunteers from Admob : https://groups.google.com/g/google-admob-ads-sdk/c/2So-N4qi2xE

Their “Guide” to fill the form : Prepare for Google Play's data disclosure requirements  |  Android  |  Google Developers

Actually, Google should give us an option to select if we use any kind of “Google’s SDK or products” and google should take care of handling what data they collect and how it’s used instead of asking us questions about their products.

In short, we collect/share data by a 3rd party who takes care of the data collected.

For the questions, We do collect collect/share data by a 3rd party. The data is encrypted during transmit, ofcourse it’s a secure SDK and it follows the basic. I am not sure on how to answer the last one. 'Cause, we may not have control over how google answer handles or provides ways to help the request and erase their data.

The form takes some time and please see the disclosure page on how to answer it carefully. I actually did answer the form for one of my apps and it’s being approved ( will update if there’s any reply ).

And, I wanted to include some details too from their Data safety page

As per google’s answer, It’s not considered as collecting unless we prompt and use the permission. It’s a bit confusing that the location permission comes under the Sensitive Information ( following that link ).

We do not request either background or foreground location in the runtime.

But, I’m still concerned a bit about the permissions that our apps has even if they aren’t prompted during runtime.

UPDATE : My App got approved

Important Note : I’m not 100% sure on some things since I didn’t find any other useful information. If you want to see more or understand how they work. You can check the links I’ve mentioned above. This is from my insight / understanding and if you find something useful or find something wrong in my post. You can reply me.

But some one app got aproved he marked no and he used admanager and he removed onesignal this is confusing…


yes…using ads