Which DataBase Is Safe

I Want To Know Which Database Is Most Secure, Non Hackable

  • Firebase DataBase
  • TinyWeb Data Base
  • Airtable Data Base
  • Speardsheet Database
  • SQ Lite Database

I Want To Save User Information And Most Important API Key, If It’s Lost Or Hacked By Hackers I Will In Lost Of Money

Please Help Me

using hosted MYSQL database

Mysql database

But SQL Database Is Not Have Enough Facility To Store Data Like FireBase

In mysql database no limit.

I Know There Is No Limit Of Storing Data In SQL But In Kodular Not Have Enough Blocks

I am talking about MYSQL , not SQLite

Firebase is the safest if you know how to use auth rules.

You can even restrict read/write to specific tags if required.

The best way to go about this would be to authenticate users using Firebase Auth, and then restrict their permissions.

Firebase has plenty of tutorials about rules on YouTube


If you are encouraged to use MySQL, then you can follow this tutorial to implement it in your project.

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