Which is best ads

Which is the best ads with minimum withdrawal ?

the minimum withdrawal amount for ads earnings typically depends on the ad network you’re using. Kodular supports various ad networks like AdMob, Facebook Audience Network, StartApp, etc. Each network has its own policies regarding payment.
For example, AdMob, one of the most popular ad networks integrated with Kodular, has a minimum withdrawal threshold of $100 for wire transfers and $10 for payments via PayPal. Facebook Audience Network may have a different threshold.So, the “best” ad network with the minimum withdrawal amount would depend on your specific requirements, such as your earnings goals, preferred payment method, and user base demographics. It’s essential to review the terms and conditions of each ad network supported by Kodular to determine which one aligns best with your needs.

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Google Ad Manager is best with a 15$ withdrawal limit you can purchase from Extension developers like @JEWEL

why purchase kodular alredy providing admanager

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i am using it always showing ads load failed

now you using extension?? any improvements??

No always show ads loading failed even by app is approved from Amazon store as well as Google ad manager

with or without extension??