Which is best file sharing service for my app

I create a app and I upload to play store however user are increasing. I make function when Button1 click file download will start and I am using Dropbox Public links
As my Dropbox account is basic my account limit over and links has suspended. Now I am going to buy the plan of drop box $19 which give me 200 GB bandwidth and unlimited downloads and my is files under 150 mb then it will be perfect??? Or should I use other services

Please guide me
I am confused that is why I am asking in community. I never done this in my life. First time I am going to storage for my app and file host on Dropbox with direct link

Or should I use other services which is better than drop box

Guide me please

Thank you

I think it would be ok…

You can use Google Drive instead of Drop Box.
Read this, i’m shure help you

No Google drive have limit but thank I have purchased media fire plan which is very better than Dropbox

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