Which is the best ad network in India other than admob?

which is a better paying ad network in India other than admob ? I would like to use one as mediation group on admob. Any idea ?


Facebook also has a good reputation in the market and Amazon is also not so far behind you may go for it.
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Best is Admob, no one can beat them in advertisement.

A part from this, Chartboost give highest CPC, for my apps.

I will never recommend inmobi, they are worst in case of CPC cost from last 1 year they use to give $.02 CPC , even though i have most of clicks form US and Europe.

I just lost the interest in developing new apps because of inmobi earning, as i did lot of hard work, but once i started using admob and Chartboost , they are the best in business.

Below is the inmobi click details :

I used to earn $.50 per day on average (227/7) = 32 per day.

Below is the average cpc.

Go for trusted ad network, Inmobi is not even worth trying.


No. 2 is facebook. You should definitely go with them, since it is a huge company of the world. So it can attract advertisers easily.

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