Which One Is Better?

Can someone suggest me which one is better

  • 1st One
  • 2nd One
  • 3rd One

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I liked the first one :heart_eyes:

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First One. Also you can add polls to your post in case you want to

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Enable card view in Arrangement by this it is looks better then all

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Thanks I’ll Try

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Try and upload the screenshot


It looks amazing

Poll Here For The Fourth One

  • 4th One Is Best.
  • It Looks Good But Can Be Improved

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4th one, however the contrast on the Sign In needs work

Try the Kodular purple for it.


I think it would be better if only the textbox was white background.
But from the given choices I liked number 4

Number 2 was the worse for me.

The best at my opinion would be number 3 with white background at textbox or number 4 just like it is now.

I think for people with bad eyes number 3 is a little difficult to read

Thanks For Your Suggestion, I’ll Definitely Work On It

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