Which phone is best for makeroid companion?Serious issues

I have a MI Mix 2 and Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 and my old Letv Lee Max 2
They are are useless because the MIUI keep crashing most of the time and Letv keeps boom hell no words for it.
Please help me already wasted my 861$ on my android phone and i don’t like IOS because i love android and i started using android first and never want to switch to IOS
Help me its a critical Problem for me.

Maybe just root rn5p !
Use custom rom​:crazy_face:

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Works perfectly on OnePlus 5T and 5 (500€ about $470 i think.)

I use Xolo Era 2x and Makeroid works good on it.
And it is about 95.26 $ :sweat_smile:

I have a Xiaomi mi6 and works perfectly

Thanks bro i have ordered today

I have Redmi 6 pro and it works great
and yeah the price is 160$

Actually, you don’t need a good device for a companion.
Use fewer system resources in your app, so your app can work smoothly even for bad devices.

Do not do more than one job in your application. Wait for the old one to finish before starting a new operation.


you need a good connection to your network too nott only a good device. If your Wlan router is slow and old, you will have less performace as a device with less power but a better wifi. I have Surface Book 2 15" With up to 4,2 GHZ and 16 GB Ram. Butt my older Laptop is a bit faster in tthe Block Editor. Because my older Laptop has a better WLan Card. and itt is a bitt faster if i work in the Block Editor as m,y new Surface Book. It is not much but you can see it. I have in one Screen more as 2500 Blocks and if you want tto pick a block and move them, you need more time on my surface book as on my older Lapttop with an Gaming WFI Card. And it is the same with the Companion APP and a Phone.At work it is Impossible to work witth the Companion. it needs to long to load the APP in the Companion and if it is loaded and you change the screen it is over the app crash. But with my WIFI and the Wifi from the Laptop itself i have no Problem with it to work with the Companion. Sorry for mmy double t my button have a little problem.