Which Server should I Use?

I am creating an app that will store data for tution classes and the data that needs to be stored is information of students, worksheets, exam schedule, notices, notes, and much more… But I don’t know which Server should I use that supports multiple user access and can store pretty well data… I tried looking for mysql database but I don’t know whether I should use mysql database or any other server…
Please help me with this

I recommend you to use firebase. Its easy and fast.

By the way, i already developed one educational app about competitive exam with firebase and its working fine without any problems.

Ohh thanks for the reply… Can u tell me what was the cost for that and how much will it require to maintain for a year… Also it would be great if you could share the aia file of your app…

You said for tuition (less users)
Use Airtable
As your requirements are less,
You can stick to Airtable free plan

What are types of files do you sve in your database?

Firebase is free for a certain limits but you can use their premium plans.

I am using free plan and its sufficient for start up.

See their pricing

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I already have 100 records of students that needs to be put in the database and each student has plenty of information to store like there are many factors to store like age, gender, admin, name, ID, password, parent details, and much more and keeping that that will be more 500 students I need to select a database… And also keeping in mind that there will be atleast 10 homework documents to be sent daily to 6 batches that leaves us with 1800 documents per month so will firebase storage be enough as the rates for premium plans are too high

It is an established database. With lots of research material. It works with SQL language, which is a language with a lot of research material. So you have stability, robustness and research material. Free.
Imagine who bought it? ORACLE. The giant ORACLE.

Who use Mysql :


I have software made 15 years ago for a public school where I work. Made in desktop language (Visual Fox Pro 9) with Mysql. Last year I made the PHP website and created a small app to access notes, required documents and renewal of registration. As the objective was to work, I did not make a professional layout. Now after seeing that it is working, KODULAR + API PHP I will change the layout.

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Are there chances that mysql database can get hacked?

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If you have something API knowledge you can try to use Breadly :slight_smile:

Note: The creator @avramyu has created “Breadly Cloud”, you no longer need to install on your own server


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PM me
I will show you the solution

@indianplans Why don’t you share your solution with everyone?


So using which component can I use breadly and what all I need to do to use it… And how much gb data will I get to store and how many users can access It at the same time?

And also I was thinking I could use Google drive and goggle sheets to store files and data but have just one question how many users will able to access it at the same time?

You should only use a Web component, then work with JSON (The Web component has a useful block for this)

Regarding Breadly Cloud limits, you should ask @avramyu, if it is self-hosted, I guess the limits are according to your server capacity

You need only Web (not Web viewer) component, as all you’ll be doing is hitting API endpoints (URLs) on the Breadly server. My Java/Android skills are a bit rusty so it would take too much time to try and make Breadly component for app inventor/kodular :cry: (but if any of the extension developers sees potential in this lmk)

While Breadly itself is still in beta, Breadly.cloud is in early alpha stage. It should be mainly used to evaluate Breadly, as there are still things to iron out.

Currently there are no storage or concurrent user limits imposed by me, but don’t expect me to host huge amounts of data for free. I’m just an ordinary man like yourself, there’s no rich company behind me :cry:

But the base of Breadly - the functionality - will always be free with Breadly.cloud. That’s why there’s an option to configure your own MySQL database to store the data and your own S3 bucket to store the files.

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