Mission GPAT (Educational App)

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Mission GPAT

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This is an educational app about competitive exam in Pharmacy field in India.

Online app based on firebase database, Google login with firebase authentication.

All data can be added, edited or deleted from my phone through Admin app.

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Not for sell.


I know this app is not important to you guys but you can install and give me suggestions or bugs if any, to make it more better than before.

You should get rid of the ads. This app is for people who want to study not spend their precious time on watching ads.

There is only one interstitial ad on screen1 and rest are banners.

That’s fine but you should still reconsider whether students will want to use a study app that may distract them.

Thanks for your suggestion, i will fix it.

I don’t know if it’s possible in your app, but you could offer some of it for free and let the students unlock the rest via a one-off in-app purchase. This way you can still earn.

Why don’t you add weekly exam… Just divide the syllabus & Take weekly Or monthly exam to know them how much they are good… & Also you can community feature where they tell about their doubts…


I will never charge my users to use the app content, so ads is a little way to earn.

I will try it as i get enough time to do that.

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Any help required… Just drop a message…

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Fair enough. But just note there may be similar apps out there which are ad-free and have more content. You’ll need to provide students with a compelling reason to use your app.


Yes there are 3 to 4 apps on play store like my app but they charges the users to buy the contents and in app purchases.

So i have decided to keep the contents free of cost, so that more students will engage in my app.

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That might work then. Good luck.

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Good App. I don’t know about the GPAT but the UI is good . You need to make it more seamless because the intrestial ad pop up one after one even first ad not finished the second on pop up. This is not good for user who try to study using you app.

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How this is possible? There is only one interstitial ad on screen 1 which visible once when you open app.

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