Automatic Quiz Maker

Can u be more specific please

It is not for you to decide if users have time to help you. You should learn to be patient and should learn to accept if there is help or not. If you were asking me i wouldn’t want to help you if you would behave this way.

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I am extremely sorry if any of my word hurts you feeling or disrespect you. I didn’t meant to say waht you interpreted. Above all,Sorry Again But please can you help me its really important to me.

No, I can not help you. And still you didn’t understand that you have to be patient. Don’t send pm to get attention.

I apologise

Watch this, video I hope this will help you, add some your logic and made this if you done then don’t forget to add solution to it. And you should first take a Research on google or on YouTube. You may post.

This i have made , imean upto converting text is done. Whats left is seprating the text in image containg multiple questions into seprate question and then make mcq

So separate it with numbers or may be on ) this.

Can’t this be done automatically?

I mean by split text but i dont know how waht and where to split

This may help you

Will this automatically covert text containing multiple questions (scanned from inage using ocr)into MCQ or we ourselves have to add the questions ferom text manually

Yes. You have to do it manually or you can fetch it from online databases.

But i was trying to achieve -i will just give an img (containg questions to app). It woul turn it into text using ocr upto which i have made. The it would automatically seprate into individual questions and then covert itself in mcq

This is not possible.

By using OCR u can recognise some text but automatically can not be converted into MCQ’S.

You have to add MCQ manually only once.

Check out one of my app where i also added quiz.
Go to MCQ and solve mock test.

But a prokoder named john nlknow how to achieve it but he is busy right now, it will be really advantageousnto the people if we are able to acheve this

This will turn out be a highly productive time management app

Then wait for him to get in touch with you.

Yes,Thank you for your time