White flash between screens

Hi all. :grinning:

I have an app with three screens using black backgrounds. The exported APK starts with Screen1 performing some AirTables-to-SQLite1 downloading of text tables, which doesn’t take long. When that finishes, it opens the next screen.

However, between the Screen1 and the opening of Screen2, there is a brief moment where the screen turns white and that flash is very annoying. I’ve tried inserting a Circular Progress component, but the white flash still remains. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Can anyone tell me how to prevent the screen from flashing to white? :thinking: :thinking:

Any help is, as always, greatly appreciated. :wink:

Don’t add many blocks on screen initialized event.The white screen will remain until all of your blocks there are executing.

Because, the components aren’t laid yet on the screen when this white screen shows.

Use black image as splash


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Hey, that worked, thanks. :joy: However there is still some kind of “bar” at the bottom of the screen that turns white for a second. Any idea what that is and how to make it black? :thinking:

Well, if you can post a video on how it looks like, then maybe we can figure something out.

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