Who are preparing themselves for JEE 2022

Hello all
I want to know that whom of you are preparing for JEE 2022 ?:grin::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

What was that

I am preparing for JEE 2020 and that is the only reason i am not too much active here on kodular, I could just give my first 3 months properly to kodular since i joined it (1 Jan 2019) :pensive:

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engineering entrance test for B.Tech in India

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I am preparing for JEE 2020

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Which branch would you like to choose after clearing JEE?
I hope and pray to God to give you what you want in your life.

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@vknow360 I will choose computer science branch

Thanks for your wishes :blush:

@Don_Njondanmakal cool :sunglasses:

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@Don_Njondanmakal From where are you preparing?

Pala Brilliant(Kerala)

Have you joined any coaching institute?

Computr Science , The only field i want to work in
thanks for ur wishes:+1:

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So we all three are trying for CS, did u guys have CS in your +2? and if yes, than we are in same situation, waiting for the board exam

Is it important to take CD in +2?
If want to take CS after JEE?


I opted for CS in +2 just for my own interest

Ohkk thanks​:blush:

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This Is An Exam

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Ys Broo I joined

@Don_Njondanmakal Which institute you have joined?

Here broooo