Who are the best contributors of the Kodular?

Hello everyone
I think I will sell my first app soon. If evertything go right I am thinking in donating the money for the people that help more us.
Talking to my broter (why is this word forbiden?) we made this list of great members to donate: Taifun, Xoma, Sunny Gupta, yusufcihan, Shreyash, Jerrin Jacob, UnknownBeast, Sumit Kumar, Kodular creators

Depending on how much i get I think in sponsor some extension that is more needed too.

If you could help me telling more people that diserve recognition please post here


@sumit1334 is a great Coder → Extention for OneSignal and Custom List View and 1000 other :wink:


Well remembered. I added him to the list. There are probably others great members that I forgot too.

I hear @Saezy is really good

Only kidding haha I do nothing, this is nice of you though. Also can’t wait to see your first app, best of luck!

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Xoma decompiler forbidden here

Add @Rogerio_Rios , @dora_paz , @yourname :sweat_smile:

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What? Are you kidding, right? He is in my top 3 thanks to his free background extension…

I was only thinking about extension makers, but now that you mentioned them I started to think there are very important people here that don’t focus in it but are essential for Kodular community too.