Who knows what the problem is about the api?

I used the first method to request api json and successfully put the obtained data into the list, and then when I used the same method to obtain another api, the data was the same as the data obtained in the first part of the request, but it was not possible to put it in the same way. Into the list? Why is this? I have been pondering for several hours and still can’t understand
this is api

You have to use 2 separate web components to call 2 API responses.

As I understand it, the second POST/Get is within the Web.Got of the first POST/Get.

So Response Content, Code etc are results of the first POST/Get.

Remove Post.Text, Set URL and Request Headers from within Web.Got.

Have it called under an “IF” condition out Web.Got.

And within Web.Got create an “IF” to differentiate which Response Content, Code you are using.

I saw that you already have this condition “If” - “If get Url”. So you don’t have to change.

tq i will test late

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