Who'd like to Join in?

Hi there! My friend and I are making two (“2”) Minecraft Servers. Which one is for Bedrock Edition and Java… They’re both Self-Hosted and surprisingly work well on my computer with only 4GB of Ram, some Lag on Java but, not bad. We’re debating on actually releasing it to the general Public as some cautions are to be worried about in my case.

Reason for Bedrock

Often my Friend (unnamed and ungendered for privacy reasons) and I have problems loading into MY WORLDS for some stupid reason… When we were playing on a Survival world that same day, I had gotten off along with my friend that day before me, I changed the world name before joining… My friend wasn’t able to join even after I made a copy of the world and created a new one. SOOOOO STUPID.

Reason for Java

Often my Friend (unnamed and ungendered for privacy reasons) and I like to play on our Computers certain Fridays or Saturdays or Sundays, all depends… I finally broke down as ungendered friend asked can you load the Server, I was like “NOPE!, I am not waiting for Aternos to load FOREVER”. Trust me, it took forever, plus we could only have One. So I came up with the idea, why don’t I just self-host one, free, with only a 20-sec start-up time or I could keep it on overnight… Which I tried yesterday and it worked, wehoooo! So I started one myself without hassle, Craft Bukkit is running as our Server Software with many awesome Plugins, not right now but, will be :sweat_smile:.


We’re still deciding whether to give the IP to the Public as it can put our Society at risk, so theres that…

Craft Bukkit is running as our Server Software with many awesome Plugins, not right now but, will be :sweat_smile:.

Don’t worry, we’ve also got them running on our Bedrock Server.

We’re trying to Sync the Java and Bedrock worlds but, I’ll have to look into that. I have many Projects now:

• My Apps (Dynamic Owl & Studio)
• Something Special :wink:
• Minecraft Servers
• Hoping for Tuesday to end already so I can have break, as I have off Wednesday through next Monday then back to school next Tuesday, praying it Snows 8 more inches like it did Thursday and we had an Early Dismissal then Friday we had off :pray:
• Minecraft Videos to edit with my ungendered and unnamed friend (at least 2 videos)
• Math or my grades dropin’ to a 59-65% :joy: That’s because I was late on starting our assignment due, tomorrow. So I have to get 7 Assignments done which have 6 questions each, I must get a 5/6 or 6/6 to actually get them counted towards done.
• I’m praying my history test tomorrow goes well :joy: As we had off Friday and that’s when it was supposed to be.
• Trying to get a diet but, with all this yummy Ice Cream , McDonalds, Junky Government Provided School Food (JK, that’s not good, today we had beef that had an aftertaste), and Salad, don’t worry I don’t just eat all that, I also eat healthy (sometimes) I mean theres one good thing :joy:, I’m very unhealthy I’m sorry, I still have no idea how I’m thin. I probably just lose a ton by walking around the whole school, I’m not kidding my locker is at one side of the building while my classes are at the opposite side of my locker. Don’t follow my eating path kids.
• Praying a lot this week :joy: Less than last Thursday for wanting Friday off :joy:

Btw, this topic is only if you want the Server Address and to Join so I know whether I have to bump the player Limit up, it’s currently at 50 for both which I can increase to Unlimited but, I won’t do so. When the Server is Public, I’ll post here.