Why admob ad show on test ad unit id?

I use test ad unit ad id on banner ad but it not showing test ad, it’s showing a real ad. Why it showing real ad?

are you in test modus in designer screen?

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I got answer form here this is commission of Kodular. but the ad showing too much. please reduce it.

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I am same with you… Kodular showing too much their ads on our application, they have to reduce it for user…

My ad revenue getting too low when i import my project from appybuilder to here and update the same in playstore for just only better look.

Now a days I again go for appybuilder… and taking satisfied revenue.

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See guys, the revenue any app builder takes is directly proportional to the number of features it provides (according to me). So, therefore, if the number of features increases the revenue also increases and and if they decreases the revenue also decreases.

Builder Features Revenue it will take
Kodular :kodular: Too much :heart_eyes: A bit more
Any other Lesser than :kodular: A bit less than :kodular:

So, it’s your choice guys what you want to choose for, features or revenue.
I’m gonna choose features and you?

  • Yeah! I want features
  • Nah! I want money

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hello i have a problem here

I tested the ad test and he gave me an ad, but when I use a personal ad id, the ad does not appear. My account is not blocked by Google. I try again to make another ad ID using another gmail and the results still don’t appear.

Is Kodular currently unable to display AdMob ads? because I’ve read that appybuilder / thunkable / Kodular must update their Admob SDK? Is that true?

Is there someone who can currently display ads from AdMob?

FAQ - Why Ads Fail to Load:

The account is new (48hrs).
Lack of ad inventory.
It is an earning app.
Loading more than one ad at the same time.
The account and/or ip has been suspended.
You are using clocks to display the ads
In July 2018 Google already stated that apps where interstitial ads are placed after every user action, including but not limited to clicks, swipes, etc are not allowed anymore.

Instead of copying from another forum you can just post the link.


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