Why admob ads not showing

Dear admob ads are not showing in my app any problem in admob ads

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when you have created adunit

have use package name com.name means package name start from com.

2 days ago

set your screen sizing to Responsive
if it helps you click on :white_check_mark:

here not responsive option

On screen 1 designer properties is the responsive option…

yes responsive but not working admob ads

can you show blocks & Admob Property

Remove Layout of admob & Set Screen Sizing Responsive

not show after these changes

Show me screen Property Sizing & and if any blocks used

& Also Show Screenshot of app

Try to turn on Test Mode

Also usually sometimes it takes lot of seconds to load an Ad.

How to resize responsive ???in kodular please send image

Just Click on Screen Component or Notification area in designer. find Sizing in Property.