Why airtable data is changing position in the app

i have data in airtable sheet , i got the data from airtable and set it to show in labels in my app , but the data is not showing according to what i have set , data is changing the position in my app

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can you elaborate more with some screenshots?

Post a screenshot of your blocks. Are you working with columns or with got all rows ?

i am working with got a single row

As I said post a screenshot of your blocks. Is it related to …?

this is my blocks

Do you have 28 columns in a row?

Dont your app feel lagg?

yes i have 28 columns in sheet

then problem may be with the position of labels… Too many labels… How do you managing those number of labels, still it surprise me… As per your block, those labels will give such values… no issue

instead of blocks , post the result of your work obtained in app, inorder we to understand more clear… from the blockside we feel no issue

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Why won’t you work with get all rows instead ?

Holi moli ! What is that! There is an simple and easy way to call multiple data from airtable.

Hello, I hope I’m not wrong but this instruction does not work as it should, it sends you the positions of the columns each time different, there is another way to access them but more cumbersome.
this is my experience in Airtable


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