Why Airtable Returns a Randomized List of Fields

Hello Koders,

I’ve got a problem or much like a bug. I’m using Airtable to store some data on my database. It’s much like a login / register app currently.

The problem is that this block here:

When I call that block, it returns the list of fields but it’s fully randomized everytime.
For example I have a record on Airtable with the following fields:

And I’m using these blocks:

blocks (2)

blocks (3)

And here’s the output on my phone via notifier:

It shows the values in random order. Even if I run the app multiple times, the order changes every time.
Why the list is not in order? Or is there any ways of how can I put them in order same as in my Airtable base?

Pls Help

read this: