Why all the complexity in placing ads on applications?

Why all the complexity in placing ads on applications even though the platform earns part of the profits - with Admob it was better and easier now Admob has been canceled as internal blocks and replaced with Google ads that are difficult to approve through the platform - the application for approval of applications was submitted for more than 4 months It is still not approved and an email has not arrived due to a refusal or change - and all the applications that have been created in Clauder currently display only test ads or do not display at all - why the complication?

There is no requirement to give you a reason, all you need to know is that everyone has to use Google ad Manager from now on.

Follow the guide on how to implement it.

First, the way you respond is not desirable – the user must be given a reason
I did everything for approval more than 4 months ago and no response


No, the user does not need to be given a reason.

You voluntarily use Kodular for free. You are not a developer or investor and therefore there is no obligation to give you reasons for business decisions.

As @deanart2012 says, we no longer require approval for a Google Ad Manager account:

Also, all pending requests have been rejected, so that request that you may have from more than 4 months ago has been resolved three weeks ago:

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So does this Mean we Can Use Ad Manager without Approval Untill we are Publishing on Google Play Store

Whereas Other App Markets would require approval

In fact, this is not true
Once the ad components are removed, the application will be compiled
After adding even one component, which is the banner, only the application assembly is rejected
Attached are two sounds, the time difference between them is one minute, which is to add only the banner ad and delete it
So there is a problem

At the moment, the response is still the same

Hello, I am confident of the team to develop this platform for the best.
I see that focus more on profits. It reduces the focus on creating unique content and good allows for the advancement of this platform in general, in particular on the developer.