New features at My Kodular


We are launching a few changes to My Kodular that should be available right now. These new features are the “introduction” to an update coming early next week, which should be followed by an announcement.

  • Detailed Accruals
    We know some users have asked about their commission values. From now on, when adding balances to your account, you will be able to see the detailed commission that has been applied to your apps:

  • No Requirement for Google Ad Manager Child Account
    We were requiring to have at least one approved app to apply for a Google Ad Manager Child Account. However, we realized that there were some users that were eligible for such account without the approved apps (i.e., developers who monetize apps published only in Play Store).
    Thus, from today, we are lifting this requirement, so you are free to apply for it whenever you want.

  • Minimum Withdrawal Amount
    As of now, the minimum withdrawal amount has been increased from $15 to $20. It is not a huge increase, but will definitely improve processing times.

We are also working on new features for Google Ad Manager users, like being able the see the pending steps to complete their child account creating.
But there are also new things for non-GAM users. So keep tuned for next week regarding this update and the announcement.

Happy Koding!
:kodular:@Kodular Staff

PSA: We know there have been questions and doubts about the future of this project and company, but be assured that all these things will be cleared next week. And rest assured that Kodular is NOT going to shutdown or close.


Its good news but first you need to solve apps pending for ads approval if this problem was not solved then this future is totally useless hope you understand my concern
(Long time apps pending for approval.)
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We’ve made a reset to all pending apps. They have been auto rejected, so we can start over (we had over 6k pending apps).
In addition, we will also change the review system to a more effective one.


So Does it Means For Applying Google Ad Manager no need to approve at least one app ??

If user decide to upload on Playstore.

Exactly. If you only publish apps on Play Store, you are free to apply for a GAM Child Account without any “approved” app.


Is there an intention to add a premium account for users?
So that he can pay for a certain period and get additional features such as creating applications without dividing the profits with kodiolar or whether there is no intention to change the profit sharing strategy.

I don’t know, I feel that the profit-sharing strategy in kodelar is a little annoying :neutral_face:


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@Diego can you open private mail i have a doubt regards my amount

here it’s showing like this and the wrong balance was updated this month. :neutral_face:

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I’ll take a look. Thanks for reporting

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@Vishwas Vishwas thank you…but by mistake i requested for payment can you please solve that also

that is some great news I believe in you lads lets get some updates going :heart_eyes:

Can we know expected date? I’m making few changes in my app want to do it before update.

So, ideally today we will make a small bug fixes update, and then within one month or so the Target SDK update.

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@Diego by mistake i requestd for payout for the wrong balnce updated…
can you solve it

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Can you tell me how to do it, I have made several attempts and I can’t.

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I would like to know, because my balance was not what it was supposed to be, from the same month

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Hey, @Vishwas It has been a month. This is still not working.

FYI, we are working on a different system to remove ads commissions.

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