Why am I always getting this error as I have uploaded the .pem file?

Can any one please help me with this problem?
As I have already uploaded the .pem file still getting this error…so can anyone please tell me why?

Generate a new .pem

Tried Many times,not working

Can anyone please help me with this problem?

  1. Backup your existing keystore by downloading it from Kodular.
    (save it in a folder so you can distinguish which one is which)


  1. Now delete your existing keystore.

  1. Export/build a project.

  1. When done, refresh creator.


  1. New keystore should be available in settings.


  1. Now download this keystore and save it in a folder.

  2. Create PEM file from the latest keystore.

  3. Try now by uploading to Google the letest key and pem fil.

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