Why app hangs after conversion?

I have created a file to base64 app but after conversion the app hangs and doesn’t fucntion
This is my code
blocks (34)

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Actually, that happens because of kio4_Base46 extension which takes some times to convert the file to string. especially, if its a large file.Also, the extension works synchronous.So it will stop executing of the blocks until it finishes.So the app lags until it finishes.


Kindly have a look here @juananton1991

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Try this one ActivityPDeepFilePImagePTest.apk (6.9 MB)

Maybe you can try to do it in a async process,
With async task Extension


Is this the one you had sent in pm, if yes it didn’t work

No the app still hangs

With a pdf file, it hangs and takes 5 minutes to convert, i wonder what would happen with pptx and docx files :sweat:

How big a file is the pdf ?
Conversion time is about file size not type.
The conversion is asynchronous, you do not show the after event block…

In after the event block only a variable is assigned the string

If someone else is also facing same problem then he/she can try this (unreleased):
com.sunny.Filey.aix (10.3 KB)

Note: It does not work with asset files.

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It solved my problem… Thank you @vknow360

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What does this do?

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Basic encoding and decoding but asynchronously. :slightly_smiling_face:


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