Why apps are pending status in play console

I make a app in kodular and publish it in play console 4 days back still it was in pending status don’t know why and today updated an old app it was also in pending from 3 hours what is this is that problem related to kodular

due to strict review policy . Some time playstore takes a week to publish your app…


If you had searched before on google then you already will know the answer.

Google takes them self now more time for all apps!


Publishing New apps in Google Play usually takes 3 days, but can occasionally take more…
And, old app updates usually takes a few hours, but can occasionally take more.

Google give approved new apps in one day if you get old using play console

I published my app on 1st September and today is 7th of September still In pending publication.

According to New policies now Google take more time to review your app. :point_right::point_right:


Thanks for reply to all
I got my approval on my apps today it take more time to approvals

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