Why can't I change from Ad Manager to AdMob aix monetization if I have Premium account

This is what promised me before subscribed to a premium account

As a premium user I was looking for a dedicated support but haven’t seen where to contact the staff in a realtime chatting or where to open a ticket which can be replied at least within 30 minutes or one hour.

Here is what I have tried to report to to @Vishwas in pm but since there no any way to get a dedicated suppor or open a ticket then I don’t see the difference of free account with the premium in terms of support so let me post everything here may someone will solve it.

Hello @Vishwas I have been enjoying the free account but now I have changed to premium but from my supprise I have found that any app which was approved to use Ad Manager ads can not change to use other ads such as AdMob, Facebook and etc.

For example I have published my new app on playstore with package name com.max.radio and that package was already approved for using Ad Manager ads with commission but now I want to use AdMob ads Aix but I wonder that when I test the ads using companion the ads are showing but when I compile an APK the ads are not showing and then I do print the error as you see here.


The one which has X is not showing the ads but when I tried to change the package name from com.max.radio to any package name which is not approved the ads are then showing even on the APK

So I have then noticed that the problem is the package name which is already approved!

Kindly help me in advance so that the package name can now show the ads.

Note my premium account mail is Personal information removed by mod
I real need your advanced help and I will appreciate if I see this app showing the ads

Expected Behaviour:

I would kindly ask @Diego to implement the support for premium user in a Realtime support or give ability to open a ticket etc.

My Query:

Kindly activate our approved projects to change into premium use of extensions if we opt in.
Thank you in advance @Vishwas and @Diego

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