Why do I get a constant connection error? Codes Companion

Why is Codes Companion to connect to 20 percent when I want to connect?

Use latest companion

Make sure you are having good network connection

Are you using companion’s latest version 1.5.3 ? Does this happen with all your projects or a specific one ?

I get the mistake in all.

%20 error.

Are you using latest version ?

Try to clear data if the version is 1.5.3 , if not uninstall the version and try to install latest version s we said in the earlier posts… I hope now kodular have no connection issue with any sort of browsers. So it is not a matter of what type of browser you use. Usually we advise to use firefox.

I’m using chrome.

For me it works with Chrome and also with Firefox with no errors

Uploading: bağlantı hatası5.PNG…

Variable cookies for that?

using any VPN?

No I don’t use it. I need to get it?

Variable identification is required?

What may cause to give this error?