Why do people edit and copyright others AIA file?

You are wrong @Xoma, but not developer
App inventor is Mit license and it is open souce if you don’t have knowledge then don’t judge others. So you copied qr scanner app and publish on playstore with ugly ui this is called copy with bravery .
Think about this i know one of your topic that someone on youtube copied you browser and share aia then you are too much angry , and you do same here then what about you.


Yes this changes everything. People should understand that there are big differences between Open Source and the rest. This is a big problem. If we can teach people in how to use other’s things, we could gain a huge success in the quality of our Apps/Videos/etc…

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Yes I was too angry at that time and @Mateja helped me out, and no other people in the community replied to my post, why was the community silent that time, I even saw this topic by tech cvr - Beware of these youtubers, they steal your work - #49 by techcvr
the community dint help me :disappointed_relieved: :cry::cry:
If @ShaikhSajidAli you saw that post then why you dint help me.
From that day I started to copy.
I really cried on that day. :sob: :sob:

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Wow what a nice manners of yours.
You should be awarded.
@XomaCopy machine
@Peter, please take action and suspend @Xoma, so he Didn’t copy anyone’s app next time otherwise he take oath to copy and he accepted that he is copy

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yes you can suspend me @Peter

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No, that’s unfair. You, the devs, are also not right. You should’ve added a license.

No need to tag staff.

No, I don’t think so.


Copying is a strong word. In this case, App Inventor is open source and in the license it states that it can be used for commercial purpose.

I think it’s pretty obvious.

Ok, no need to offend people now.

What!? That’s not okay. If people “steal” your work without attribution that doesn’t give you the right to start doing it. You should’ve added a license

That is really unnecessary.


What should I do now?? :sob:

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FYI, App Inventor collaborated with Kodular few months back and you’re asking about permission!!
Moreover, App inventor is an open source :man_shrugging:
You should read the facts first before starting any arguments.


You should learn that it is not ok to just copy an aia and spread it as your own. You should always attribute the original developer. You should license your aia if you don’t want it to be copied.

When you do that you could try to stop someone who is using your code, but that will always be very difficult.

And now you should move on. I hope you have learned your lesson. I won’t suspend you.


Is it really necessary to keep discussing this? I feel like the people got a point now and there is no need to post the same thing over and over again.


I have a few questions:

  1. How do we license our aia? I mean… if we don’t give others our aia file, then they won’t know what is in the aia right?
  2. And what can we license about the aia file? The block arrangements?
  3. How much change do we have to make to the original to make the licensed aia file legal for us to use for our purpose?
  4. How do we check if someone copied our aia, if he/she merely posted an apk? How could we know?
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If you feel truly feel bad , try to undo what you did by pulling down your posts, guides, app store app etc.

Everybody deserves a chance to correct themselves. Hope you learned a lesson.

This might help you

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Can I ask which post?

That’s not true.
ontstudios also comes in the community.

I haven’t seen your thread otherwise I have done what I could.

Is there any difference between him and you now? :thinking:

obvious?? :question:
Always remember friend:
Ideas can be same but not the content

If I remember correctly then few days ago you were saying that people have right to criticize you(or anyone).

Note: I have tried to be neutral.I am not defending someone nor offending someone. :slightly_smiling_face:


Maybe we can stop the discussion about this specific case or i will have to close the topic if it gets to personal.


Really good, @Mateja! This showed me that you’re really fair.

Guys, he’s right, everyone makes mistakes in his life and these should be excused.

If people learn from their faults, we could bring this unnecessary discussion behind us fast.

So, please, let’s top offending people here. I think everyone had a lesson now.



Sure.You can and you will :slightly_smiling_face:
But this is not really a helpful solution nor it will stop the discussion.


The conclusion would be

  1. Stop giving the aia, ais or any other such files with which there is 100% possibility of your hard work being replicated without any efforts

  2. Everyone has made mistakes and has overcome that or is overcoming. For this the only thing need is Chance. And I think everyone should get that at-least once

  3. I think topics like this should not be there for pointing someone’s mistake. Rather this and other such topics could be used to discuss security measures to be taken to avoid these types of issues, to discuss related solution, thus keeping these type of discussion healthy, live and fruitful.


Thank you @Vaibhav :heart:
It will be really helpful for me if Kodular will think the same. :sweat_smile:
Although it was beneficial than regret :heart_eyes:

Unable to understand?? Look at the past :joy:

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That’s how open source works. The question of licensing doesn’t even exist when the code is closed-source. Once you open-source your code, without a license you accept that anyone can do anything with it.