Why does my apk always parse package error

Did you by any chance install your app before you changing the package name, if so uninstall it and try again

I use a mobile phone that has never installed this application to install this problem, but my own is no problem

Your device version and your app API version

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The highest api28 device I use in the application is note3

minSdkVersion = 19, Galaxy Note 3 has API=21 (Android 5), so it should work

But I still have this problem, even if I send the application to others to try to install, this problem also occurs

Did you change the default value minSdkVersion?


If this is on API 28 then it wont work

why? I set it to 28

yes i set to api28

It will only work on API 28 and up, you have to choose from min API version

What should I set? And every user will be available for installation?

If this was not clear enough, from which android version do you wont it to work on

4.4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

It seems to be the default of 4.4, I originally thought that the higher the better, because the latest

Will I now set it to 4.4?

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The text clearly says min android version


OK tq i try now

Thank you all, the problem has been solved, thank you again

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